About us

Our History:
Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment (BIDE) was first/initially formed as a womens group in January, 2001, by a few women of Jinja District who saw the need to pool their saving together to alleviate poverty, eliminate violence against rural women, hurmful practices among the rural women and involve a system to providing revolving fund and training in business management skills to needy members to start micro-businesses or expand existing micro-projects. At that time, (and even now it was very difficult for the economically active poor women more especially women with HIV/AIDS to access credit or loans from banks and other commercial institutions as they lacked collateral a limiting factor to the majority of poor women who form the bulk of the population. There was a great demand to Improve agricultural development and get existing, proven technologies to more people in the community we were working.

This group felt concerned about the level of environmental degradation and lack of interest and awareness on environmental issues that prevailed at the level of the population of Ugandans this is when we started sensitizing the community. There was also a great need of improving health and sanitation. Improvement of the sanitation conditions means less polluted water, improved hygiene and controlled waste disposal. BIDE, was formed with a strong commitment to fighting for environmental protection in our communities on issues like deforestation, desertification, unsustainable farming practices, improper waste management and waste disposal methods, water scarcity, health problems linked to sanitation and general lukewarm attitude towards environment and nature conservation issues. BIDE helps local community members to live better lives by improving on living standards alongside making scarce resources available for posterity.

By July, 2003, the womens group was registered as a CBO and now grown to encompass many interested stake holders, and these decided that the CBO be elevated to NGO/Charity status and be registered with National NGO board so as to help implementing the project and to strengthen the initiative linking it to better hygiene, environment, agriculture, enterprise development and waste management. in Jinja District and other parts of Eastern Uganda.

So on 13th April 2007 the Organisation was  registered with the National  Non-Governmental Organisations Board as an NGO/Charity, to carry out its activities in Jinja District with its registration number S.5914/6577. On 2nd April 2008 under the company ACT (CAP 85) It was registered as a company limited by guarantee Registration number 97150

BIDE is a member of DENIVA- Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Association. JIDNET – Jinja District NGO/CBO Network. NAWOU – National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda. NGO FORUM - The Uganda National NGO Forum, FHRI-Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and NOGAMU- National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the community we do business.

To be the most efficient, effective, and fiscally responsible organization committed to working locally to improve well being of our community.

How We Are Governed
BIDE is an organization composed of youth and women members from Jinja Districts.  It has a General Assembly composed of all its members, which sits once every year and it is the supreme organ of the organization.
The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors (B.O.D) which is responsible for all affairs as regards supervision, policies and administration of the organization. The board is composed of 11 members. The board is lead by a younger lady and she is also the head of the organization. Currently she is undertaking a master’s degree in Human resource management in Sweden.

There is a Director of the organization appointed by the board. He is the head of the management Team. He is also the board secretary General. In addition there are other officers of the Executive/Management team responsible for the day to day running of the organization. Apart from the management structures, BIDE has a Project Implementation Team (PIT) which looks after the field level operations and reports to the Governing Body and Program Management Board. PIT carries out the day-to-day activities within the overall guidelines set up by the board. The field team is supported by the Head Office team from various departments like Finance, Human Resource & Program Management Support.

Head Office
The organization’s head office acts as the administrative arm of the organization and is mandated to manage and implement the day to day activities of BIDE. It coordinates the activities of the organization, disseminates information to members to keep them updated of any development in the organization.

Our Certificate of Registration