Key activities
Our main work areas:
  • Environmental Education and Sensitization
  • Natural resource management and Conservation
  • Community Development and Environmental Rehabilitation
  • Water and sanitation
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Waste management
Our activities:
  • Providing environmental education on global and regional issues affecting Africa as well as environmental protection
  • Increasing the ability of local populations to benefit and contribute to natural resource management and conservation
  • Promoting new and traditional approaches to increasing food production without losing on-farm biodiversity
  • Focusing on activities that conserve and protect the local environment and helping to alleviate poverty for communities
  • Organizing water and sanitation education at schools and health centre
  • Providing hand holding support in training and capacity building for implementing BIDE project to bring grass root level changes.
Organizational Programs
Currently, Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment (BIDE) supports three main programs in Uganda: the Educational Support Program, the Family Empowerment Program and Health and sanitation program.

Family Empowerment Program
This program helps families affected by HIV/AIDS improve their socioeconomic status and access HIV/AIDS services. Through counseling, social support and education, BIDE equips families and the youth with the socioeconomic skills necessary for economic development, including business planning, micro-financial and management skills, and helps HIV-affected families access HIV/AIDS services, including testing and treatment for opportunistic infections.

Educational Support Program Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment (BIDE) supports children aged 5-13 years receive their primary education. We also provide older children enrolled in our program with access to secondary education and vocational training. In addition to providing primary and secondary education, BIDE also supports orphans who are staying with their ground mothers.

Health and sanitation program The BIDE Health and sanitation project was conceived with a vision of creating a society with improved health not only through better sanitation facilities but also with knowledge and awareness of 'Total Sanitation'.

The overall objective of the Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment programme is "to improve sanitation and thereby, living and economic conditions of poor rural households, through economic incentives, primarily enhancing financial services of these households." The programme is designed with four sub-objectives:
  • To provide sanitation facilities at the household level through a combination of micro-credits by Micro financial institutions and Non gorvnmental organizations , subsidies as well as self contribution (capacities are also built under the programme)
  • To establish a financially sustainable sanitation improvement mechanism through public private partnership.
  • To develop information resource base for future programmes and demonstrable indicators linking health and sanitation.
  • To provide livelihood benefits to poorer sections and mainstream gender aspects.
BIDE executes the Health and sanitation project in association with various partners like NGOs and Companies. The program encourages individual household participation by facilitating access to financial support under financial systems of NGOs. Under the project, BIDE has facilitated construction of more than 300 Pit latrines safe sanitation systems so far and has a mission to reach 800 sanitation systems by 2020.

BIDE has also implemented sanitation programs for construction of Safe Sanitations for Individual Households, Schools etc in partnership with Agencies and companies