Dear partners and friends of Bala Mercy,

Many thanks for your faithfulness and support over the years. We are in 2014 and we thank God his faithfulness and provision.

The situation at the childrens centre since the beginning of the year is not encouraging as the monthly regular funds have drop to almost quarter of our previous monthly income. Hence all operations have been badly affected. We ask you to stand with us in prayers as Bala Mercy childrens centre runs five orphanages and feeding centres in five different locations, schools as well as the feeding of the children from poor families, widows, the elderly and other down trodden people.

We ask you to make a difference in the childrens lives by sending a donation.
  1. us $ 35 sponsors a child in orphanage for one month
  2. us $ 50 feeds a child with foster family for a month
  3. us $ 100 supports one teacher at primary school for one month
  4. us $ 200 supports one teacher at high school for one month
Currently the centre feeds 1500 monthly every day at various schools and supports very poor families who have taken in foster children to live with them, and have no food assisted school feeding program, education or healthcare support.

BMCC urgently needs support for the ongoing programs sustenance, teachers support and capital funds for development. We invite you to partner with BMCC (see our "Please help" page).

The most urgent needs at the center are as follows.
1. funds for sustenance through child sponsorship and capital support.
2.needs for the classrooms both at the high primary school and high school its costs us $6000. to construct one permanent classroom and 12 classrooms needed to be upgraded from semi classrooms to permanent status at the primary school as well as the Administrative offices.
3. 8classrooms and Admin is needed at the high school as well as renovations.

Most urgent ..water wells.
There is a need for two water wells at the high school section and the primary school sections and one well has been drilled at he high school and what is needed urgently is a water pump and tower, electricity and the connections. For details please contact us.

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