C.C.D.O orphan kids

Love and peace for a bright future.

To create a community where all suffering orphan kids keep their hope and aspirations unclouded.

To empower orphaned children in Africa, Uganda.

Community Chid Development Orphanage is a registered charity that was started by christian fine Artists after realizing the suffering of many helpless orphan kids in Buyobo sub county, Sironko District in Uganda.

Though the project promoters purchased land to build an extended orphanage home and a school, there's still not of enough funds to start building.

The project has 100 orphan kids to cater for and 4 of them are disabled. As a Christian founded project, our hope is in the Lord in whom we believe everything is possible, because what God the father considers to be pure and genuine religion is to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and keep one self from being corrupted by the world.{James 1:27}.

Wagidoso Dan was born in Buyobo, Sironko District, Uganda and has lived there all his life. He is an artist and the director of Community Child Development Orphanage. He was educated in Kampala and Mbale, Uganda, earning a degree in fine art. When he was 19 years old, he founded the orphanage and Favour Nursery and Primary school.

Dan grew up seeing orphaned children on the sides of the road in his community. Their faces stayed in his mind while he was away at school and when he came home he wanted to find a way to support them and give them a loving home. He started by taking them into his own home. When there was no more room, he rented another home so he could help more children. He also mobilized his community to help even more children, all of whom had been orphaned due to the pandemic of HIV/Aids in sub-Saharan Africa. Now, after ten years of caring for the orphans in his community, he is responsible for 100 children. He has arranged homecare for most of the children within his community. However, about 30 children still live at the orphanage. Adjacent to the orphanage is the school he founded where all of the kids in the community attend to receive a quality education.

Dan provides for the basic needs of his 100 children by creating art pieces, depicting the things he loves about his country. He has a deep love for the happiness and joy found in the simple lives of the African people. In every piece, he wants to capture the beauty of hard work, music, friendship, family, hope, and the faith in God that bring such rejoicing among the people of Africa.

Community child development orphanage is searching for orphan kids sponsorship, please we humbly request any one willing to sponsor an orphan kid to contact us.

Community Child Development Orphanage is currently selling Art seasons greeting cards at the Mbale main Post Office, please come and buy some Art cards to support an orphan kid. Ask for the cards at the post office reception.

Thank you and God bless.


Community child development orphanage is currently having an open art and craft work exhibition at its office head quarters to fund raise for its orphan kids come and buy to support the kids.

We link up with churches to enable us sell our products.

Please if you wish to send a gift or letter to an orphan kid here, first send a notification e-mail to brother Dan Wagidoso and let him know the type of gift you intend to send and the date you will be sending, because some times the parcels get lost on their way here, so NOTE that every gift or letter you send MUST be registered before posting them please.

Thank you and God bless you.

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