About us

Disability Art Project Uganda (DAPU) is a community of People With Disabilities (PWDs) who come together with an aim of empowering other fellow with disabilities to develop practical skills, confidence and fulfill creative potential.

DAPU was established in February 2013 to offer art and design skills to people with disabilities living on streets and slums to create unique products which in turn provide economic stability and lift people with disabilities off the streets AND lobby and advocate for disability rights through art projects.

To have empowered PWDs with an attitude of innovative, creativity and self confidence

To positively transform the lives of PWDs in Uganda

  • To enable PWDs sustain themselves through art and design training.
  • To create employment opportunities to PWDs
  • To create avenues through which PWDs living on streets can be moved off streets and live good independent lives
  • To create a space where PWDs meet to discuss and engage the public into art and craft.
  • To promote and utilize the talents, knowledge, experience and capabilities of different members for social and economic development through skills exchange.
  • To engage in artistic projects for the welfare of PWDs and their family
  • To create one voice as PWDs in lobbying for disability issues, policies, and rights through art and craft.
  • To promote mutual understanding and bridge the gap between educated and non educated PWDs through art
  • To give social and moral help to members in times of need where possible.
Our Team
Batale Fred- Director
Ngobi Mohamed- Chairman Executive committee
Babirye Harriet- Vice chairperson
Mugoya James- Secretary
Nakibuuka Margaret- Treasurer