When people have land rights, they will live in peace and can conveniently
 carry out livelihood activities, while contributing to the fight against climate change.

EDGF is a Community Based Development Organisation, based in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon. Made up of diverse indigenous professionals in rural development, we provide specialized short and long term technical development assistance, in ways that facilitate our client communities, to animate, initiate and manage their developmental affairs effectively. We have a variety of multi disciplinary professional services, which have been simplified and prepared with our client communities in focus.

Our services include: Capacity building on: human and people’s rights, advocacy, entrepreneurial skills, emerging climatic change awareness and environmental education, as well as facilitating community development projects for our clients. We design, implement, and evaluate projects on governance, organizational capacity building, and natural resource management to community groups, associations and Community Based Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, and private enterprises. We aspire to create extraordinary outcomes for our communities, clients and staff. We work independently, but collaborate with Community Based Organisations and Civil Society Organisations who have similar aims to ours so as to avoid duplication, and for better use of resources for the benefits of the communities we serve. 

Above all, EDGF aims to provide distinctive services: to be professional, friendly and imaginative in her dealings with her programme beneficiaries.  Our four core programme components are; (1) Community development projects, (2) The environment, (3) Entrepreneurship, and (4) Human rights, Peace and development with a sustainability support service component to guarantee our programme’s continuity.

Finally, we share ideas on community development work, good governance, equality for all peoples irrespective of age, sex, race and conditions, through articles and papers on the features page.   

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