About us

The Friends of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital has existed as an organisation for almost sixty years although the name has changed over time. Its aim is to make life more pleasant and comfortable for both patients and staff in the hospital by providing “icing on the cake” - by funding items or services not available through normal budgets. It raises funds, and focuses its attention on the majority of patients and services which do not benefit from the work of other charities.

What do we provide?
Many simple items such as flowers for the chapel and Bereavement Room are provided regularly. Other recent contributions included the refurbishment of eight overnight rooms for relatives, artwork in anaesthetic and x-ray scanning rooms, furniture for patients and relatives, specialised wheelchairs for the Occupational Therapy Department, and a contribution to a specialised electronic bed for nursing patients with spinal problems.

We are careful how we spend funds and our focus is on patient-centred items. However from time to time, where there is an obvious need, clinical equipment such as Glo-boxes to help fight MRSA infections, facilities for investigating women with incontinence, or equipment to reduce radiation dosage during CT scanning, have been funded. Over the years, larger items such as ultrasound machines, laser equipment, building works or, on one occasion, an ambulance have been funded but these have usually followed a specific appeal or donation. We follow strict guidelines and always ensure that any maintenance and accommodation costs can be covered by the hospital.

We have about two hundred members and our Council, which consists of up to two dozen elected members and hospital representatives, meets every quarter to consider requests for items up to £5000 in value (see the "Request funding" page for the dates of meetings). Requests for more expensive items or services are considered annually at its meeting in July.

We are UK registered charity number 215841, please click here for more information.

Our Officials
Carol Lees
Telephone 01453885807
Honorary Treasurer
Peter Senneck
Honorary Secretary
Linda Pyne
Telephone 01452 618512
Membership Secretary
Ann Gooch
Hospital Liaison Officer
Margaret Batterbury
Telephone: 01242604177