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Christmas is near. We want it to be a feast for everyone

These days in Uganda (Kampala), the Community of Sant’Egidio & other Communities of Sant'Egidio around the world are preparing the Christmas lunch for all those who are lonely, or too poor: they are the elderly without a family, those who have become homeless or jobless, and those who are ill. In many European countries, but also in Africa, Asia, Latin America, many people are waiting for this day.

The street children, those in prison, those discriminated for their illness or poverty.

For more than thirty years, at Christmas we celebrate with them! Last year, at Christmas, more than 150,000 people attended the Christmas lunch.

You too can help us!

To prepare the lunch and to make presents we need:
  • letter paper; pocket torches; portable parlour games; cards; manicure sets; sewing sets; shaving sets; portable radios; pens; notebooks; diaries; wallets;
  • blankets; sleeping bags; foulards; umbrellas; k-way; rucksacks; bags; travel glasses; travel thermos; toys; woollen hats; gloves; scarves; knee socks, underwear; ties; sweaters and jumpers; make-up; jewellery;
  • toiletry;
  • chocolate, tablets; soft Christmas cakes; sparkling wine; fruit juices, children food; tinned food(except the meat), oil, rice, coffees.
Funding Information for Kampala: Total Funding Goal: $7,500

• $10 Will buy a lunch for 5 people
•  $15 Will pay for the gift of a jacket for two persons.
•  $25 Will pay for blanket for two persons as a care package
•  $50 Will pay for the venues / where to wash and change cloth from
•  $100 will pay the reception & decoration.

Contact us

P.O. Box 6847, Kampala-UGANDA
Tel: +256772-955-988