About us

Kagogo Orphanage Centre-Uganda (KOC) is a Church based-community Orphanage operating under Kagogo Christian life ministries with its activities mainly directed to help, nurture and develop orphaned and vulnerable children to become self-sustaining and constructive to their communities. The orphanage operates under the Ministry’s Childcare and counseling department and run by the senior Pastor- Victoria kaddu. It was started in 2005 due to the growing numbers of orphaned children and their increasing vulnerabilities, between the ages of 3-15 years of age. The Home has registered 35 children-23 girls and 12 boys. Although the need is high, resources always limit us. It is currently supported by our local church-Kagogo Christian life church only. Reg. No 2629 operating in Makulubita Sub County, Luweero District in Uganda.

KOC’s activities include among others, child development including welfare and health, Education, psychosocial Counseling, Evangelism and community development.

Its activities are mainly directed to equip orphaned and vulnerable Children with adequate life skills, increase access to community care systems, basic social services and child friendly services under Christian values to give them the opportunity to realize their full potential through improved quality of life.

KOC is currently operating in Luweero district, in the central region of Uganda. Their vulnerability is high considering the abject poverty levels, increasing dropout rates of children from schools, increasing HIV/Aids prevalence among children and the communities, the increasing numbers of OVC’s in the area and the increasing immoralities in societies. Its activities are therefore directly or indirectly give hope and ultimate comfort to the orphaned and the vulnerable children in Luweero.

We work in collaboration with Partner churches, OVC families, schools and other educational institutions, health facilities and partner organizations. We among others work in collaboration with Bowa, Waluleeta and Bbale schools and other institutions and organizations including Trust development agency (TRUDA), etc.

The large and growing number of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVCs) poses a daunting challenge to those with responsibilities to children including governments, communities, families and aid organizations across Africa and the world over. Uganda alone estimates to have close to two (2) million Ovcs having lost at least one parent.

This calls for increased concern and interventions to the governments, communities, organization and religious groups to re-double their efforts in policy, commitment and funding to improve the situation of OVCs both locally and internationally.

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