The Ministry
Under the Childcare and counseling ministry, Counselors reach out to the children, socialize and exchange views and opinions with the children about social life, Fellowships and Bible studies and conduct Nursery school sessions at the church on Sundays, and evening Glory on Wednesdays. The ministry is also in charge on welfare and educational facilitations and monitoring of these children looking for sponsorships as well as monitoring the health of these children.


Orphaned children in Sunday School Entertainment

Children need to  know the values of worship and christianity to build successful families, societies and nations. Children are the pillars of the next generation and therefore must learn to put God first in what ever they do. Kagogo Christian life church makes it possible for children to learn, interact and share views about christianity and today’s living.

Prayers at Sunday school Sessions

Educational and skills development
KOC endeavors to make education for the OVC Children a priority and possible. Child sponsorship is one of the ways through which one can channel support to help an orphan attain education and a bright future. Child sponsorship has been effective more especially for those who p---icked interest in the center especially those abroad. Support is channeled directly to the respective schools and through the center. Other alternatives has also been used such as Local church contributions, Income generating projects including piggery and fruit farming projects to provide income to the center for school fees and other scholastic materials necessary. Our major focus is to equip practical vocational skills to these orphaned Children to adapt to the new challenges in life.

HIV/Aids sensitization and awareness
HIV/Aids prevalence is still high though the level of sensitization has increased. In a nutshell, the level of prevalence among children is increasing. This is as a result of increased children involved in sex trade for a living, mother to child infections, low sensitization among children since it is a taboo to carry out sex education among children, etc. This has resulted into increased dropouts from schools as children drop out to look after their sick relatives, increased HIV/Aids infection and death among children, etc. It is therefore of paramount importance that children and the entire community are involved in HIV/Aids prevention campaigns, at school, homes and in the community, through child friendly counseling, behavioral training, awareness messages at schools and at the center, general sensitization of the community.

Child development and Child outreach
Child development entails the promotion and monitoring of children’s basic welfare, as well as cognitive and psychosocial development. Because we are dealing with orphaned and other vulnerable children, most of them live a life of total despair with nothing to neither eat nor drink and no body is bothered anyway. This is made worse by the deteriorating socio-economic status of the communities around them. The starting point therefore is to ensure food security, health, cognitive and psychosocial stimulation and putting in place social support mechanisms to ensure holistic child development. Counselors, students from other schools, sympathizers and volunteers usually make outreaches/visits to the Children at the center to donate gifts, (clothes, shoes, sanitary ware, money etc) socialize and restore hope and a sense of humor to the children at the center.

Volunteer exchange
KOC recruits both local and international volunteers to work hand in hand with the organization, share and exchange knowledge and ideas and perform specific tasks to achieve the set objectives.
We recruit Volunteers who can participate fully in the spread of the word of God, Children’s welfare and health and also counselors.