Kagogo Orphanage Centre-Uganda (KOC) is a Church based-community Orphanage operating under Kagogo Christian life ministries with its activities mainly directed to help, nurture and develop orphaned and vulnerable children to become self-sustaining and constructive to their communities. The orphanage operates under the Ministry’s Childcare and counseling department and Directed by the senior Pastor- Victoria Kaddu. It was started in 2005 due to the growing numbers of orphaned children and their increasing vulnerabilities, between the ages of 3-15 years of age. The Home has registered 35 children-23 girls and 12 boys. Although the need is high, resources always limit us. It is currently supported by our local church-Kagogo Christian life church only. Reg. No 2629 operating in Makulubita Sub County, Luweero District in Uganda.

The center is an initiative of Kagogo Christian life church, which was started way back in 2003. In 2005, it was started to take care of the 5 kids by that time that were abandoned at the church, they were young, had no parents and ill health. The OVC situation is worse here as a result of rampant HIV/AIDS deaths, absolute poverty levels in our rural setting, High levels of child neglect as a result of high illiteracy levels and other natural calamities.

KOC strives to provide accommodation to the homeless and destitute, welfare, health needs, education and other basic requirements to over 35 children at the center, 23 girls and 12 boys, all orphaned by HIV/Aids and other natural catastrophes.

The kids at the center survives on donations by well wishers, grants and income generating projects at the center including piggery, Agriculture, etc. the center has a clinic with a full time nurse to attend to the children’s health problems since some of them are HIV positive, sicklers, mentally and physically weak. The clinic also serves the public at a small fee. Since its built on Christian values, the center also has 2 Mothers to offer motherly care, Psychological counseling, bible studies and attend to the day-today needs of the children.

KOC is currently operating in Luweero district, in the central region of Uganda where an estimated 16,000 OVC’s reside. Their vulnerability is high considering the abject poverty levels, increasing dropout rates of children from schools, increasing HIV/Aids prevalence among children and the communities, the increasing numbers of OVC’s in the area and nationwide, pose a daunting challenge to those with responsibility to children.

The children go to the near by Bowa primary school for education and others to Bowa community polytechnic. Educating them is however a big challenge since we operate on limited funds and henceforth education deems expensive for the center.

The center is located at Bowa Township, off Kalule-Nakaseke road, 56 km from the capital Kampala.

Our Vision
Orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda receive Education and adequate care/support to enable them become self-sufficient and positively impact on the development of their societies.

To provide the necessary care and support to the OVCs to nurture their mental, physical and emotional growth and well being.


  1. Support and protect orphaned children from fatalism, rights abuse and oppression and provision of a conducive environment for their development and growth.
  2. To provide basic and skills oriented education to the children to enable them earn a living.
  3. Provide adequate health care and protection from diseases and ill health conditions.
  4. Mould and up bring children who are God fearing to Disseminate the gospel of the word of Jesus.
  5. Provide shelter and ultimate comfort to the children who are destitute and homeless for responsible adulthood.

Beneficiaries/Target Audience
The OVC’s (needy, vulnerable and orphans) children irrespective of sex below the age of 15 years, from child headed households, those headed by the elderly, disabled, non-supportive families/poor families, currently living in Luweero district.

The organization for purposes of management and operation maintains an organization structure composed of the following.

The executive committee is composed of founder members with the following offices: 
Chairperson/ Pastor
Vice chairperson
Organizing secretary.

The staff is in charge of the running of the center. It has a small staff that includes the executive Director, project officer, Sponsorship Coordinator, Liaison officer, Nurses, 2 center Mothers and a secretary.


  • Individual and Church contributions
  • Donations and grants
  • OVC sponsorship.
  • Fundraisings
  • Projects Outputs.