We have different projects that we are currently running and others that we plan to undertake when resources are availed. All our projects are run under the thematic activities. These are some of the projects.

The project aims to improve on OVC welfare/basic welfare and support to the education and health of the OVCs through interventions/strategies that directly and indirectly relate to children’s welfare and support, cognitive and psychological support, etc.

The starting point is availing the children with basic needs that will help them grow physically, psychologically and socially. Our urgent needs for this purpose includes but not limited to:

Clothing – Clothes, nappies etc for ages up to 19 years. Worn-out or old clothes to you may be of paramount importance to children in Uganda some of whom have no access to any one piece. Feel free to send them to us as gifts to the children, they will be grateful to you.

Welfare – We shall be grateful if you assist the children with Foods items. Children need good food for proper growth and increase their resistance against diseases and malnutrition like complications.

Beddings – For proper growth of children, Adquate sleep is paramount. Blankets, bed sheets and mattresses are required for this purpose.

Medicine – We have medical personnel on-site to attend to the health demands of our children since most of them have complications relating to their poor backgrounds. A child who is HIV positive needs adequate and timely healthcare. Some of our children have HIV and it is incumbent to us, you, to take good care of them, not to despair or loose hope, as they are victims of circumstances mostly contracting HIV from their mothers. (MTCT). You can help us with medical drugs, equipments or financial support for this purpose.

Educational sponsorship – After all the above is done, the child is ready for school. Education is one of the gifts you can ever give to an African child not forgetting that 45% of Ugandan children do not go to school. Some of the children are listed on our sponsorship page. Many more are out of schools for lack of sponsorship. The child needs your support. An equivalent of 300 US Dollars on average keeps the child to school for a year (3 Terms).

We shall be grateful for your Assistance and God bless you so much.