Allen Nabateregga
File No: KG/13/2006. She is 17 years old currently in senior four (S.4) at St joseph secondary school- Bbale.
She lost both her parents when she was 11 yrs. She was taken to her grandmother with her 3 little siblings. The grandmother later also died of stroke. She became the breadwinner of the family until when they were absorbed into the centre in 2006. She seeks sponsorship of 200 US Dollars for school fees per term. (148 Euro)

Sylivia Najjuko
File No: KG/06/2005. She is 12 years old currently in primary five (P.5).
Her Mum died when she was only 4 yrs and her Dad later died of HIV/Aids when she was 9 yrs. She was absorbed into the centre in 2005 and currently seeks sponsorship of 186 US Dollars for school fees per term. (137 Euro)
Be her saviour……………….

Mackline Kayiwa
File No: KG/12/2006. She is 16 years old currently in senior three (S.3).
After both her parents died, the relatives could not keep her in school and wanted her to get married at 13 yrs. An Aunt took her to work as a housemaid until 2006 when she absorbed into the centre. Currently seeks sponsorship of 206 Dollars for school fees per term. (153 Euro).

Wendy Nalisanga
File No: KG/04/2005. She is 11 years old currently in primary four (P.4)
She is a sister of Allen Nabateregga. They lost both her parents when she was 5 yrs. She was taken to her grandmother with her 3 little siblings who later also died of stroke. She was absorbed into the centre in 2005 to resume her studies. Currently seeks sponsorship of 182 US Dollars for school fees per term. (135 Euros).

Ruth Namugga
File No: KG/09/2005. She is 10 years old currently in primary Four (P4).
She was under care of a guardian since she was six months when her mum died until 2005 when the guardian handed her to the centre. She is seeking sponsorship of 150 US Dollars for school fees per term. (115 Euro).

Erin Nakate Nampeera
File No: KG/11/2005. She is 9 years old currently in primary Three
(P3) Her survival story is so horrible and sensitive. She was taken care of by one of the directors of the centre since her childhood. She is seeking sponsorship of 150 Us Dollars per term for school fees. (115 Euro).

The list is endless, these are some of the orphaned children who need your support. Your support will help a child acquire education. KOC welcomes sponsors to sponsor their children. If you would like to sponsor any of our children please fill the form below and click the Send button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A.  How Does The Sponsorship Program Work?
Every time someone becomes a sponsor, two lives are forever changed.  The lives of sponsored children are changed as a result of your financial gifts.  With your support and the assistance of other caring sponsors, we try to develop the ability to sustainably maintain ourselves. Your sponsorship will help make programs possible that will address your sponsored child’s (and other children’s) most basic needs—programs that provide basic medical care, school fees and other supplies.

The children also benefit in ways you cannot imagine.  The love you provide through a simple letter or gift may be the encouragement a struggling boy or girl needs to make it through another challenge.  You will see first hand how you have given your child the chance for a brighter, hopeful future.

The second life that is changed is yours.  How can the photographs, letters, or drawings not touch you from your sponsored child?  Thanks to your prayers and commitment, you’ll have the opportunity to watch your child change as he or she grows up.

B.  How much are the costs?
We don’t have specific sponsorship costs as costs may varry depending on a number of factors including schools and classes they do attend. However, we encourage you to be faithful in your financial support and appreciate a minimum one-year commitment to the sponsorship program Remember that the sponsorship costs do not include food as it is provided for by the center. It only includes medical expenses, school fees and other basic requirements like clothes and others but on average sponsorship costs 1050 Dollars all-inclusive per year.

C.  How will my child sponsorship contribution be spent?
One of the most effective ways of helping children is to combine your sponsorship gifts with those of others.  Your child will not benefit exclusively as benefits will be shared.  This system ensures that children who may not have a sponsor of their own will still benefit from our programs. This is done to ensure equity to avoid feelings of betrayal and unsupportiveness to those who may not have sponsorship.

D.  May I choose the child I want to sponsor?
Yes!  When enrolling, you may choose a child to sponsor. Currently KOC has a list of 45 girls who need your sponsorship. If you do not have a preference, a child where sponsor support is needed the most will be selected for you. Some of them are enlisted on our website-freetocharities.org.uk/kocuganda/sponsorship

E.  Can I give a sponsorship gift?
Yes!  You are able to share the gift of child sponsorship with a loved one by selecting a child and entering the gift recipient’s information at the end of the sponsorship form.  The recipient will then receive a welcome package introducing them to their sponsored child. 

F.  Who can I contact if I have questions about the sponsorship program?
You may contact KOC’s Sponsorship Program Coordinator at kgorphanageug@yahoo.com or simply fill in the form provided on our website or still send a letter to:
P.O.BOX 6900

G.  How long will my sponsorship last?
We hope that you will want to be part of KOC’s work for a considerable length of time.  Committed support from sponsors will allow us to achieve lasting results.  However long you will be with us, your sponsorship is very important to us.  There is no set age limit for children in our sponsorship program.  A child may be in her late teens but still needs to continue attending school or learn a Skill.  As long as a sponsored child is in a project associated with KOC, she will continue to receive assistance. 

We will notify you when your sponsored child becomes self-sufficient or if she leaves the orphanage. At that time we’ll introduce you to another child who needs your help.

H.  Can I visit my sponsored child?
Meeting your sponsored child can be a most valued experience that strengthens your relationship and understanding of KOC’s work.  In keeping with our commitment to child safety, all visits to the centre must be coordinated through KOC’s Secretariat well in advance. Prior to visiting your sponsored child, a notice will be required.  KOC does not pay for travel expenses.  We hope you understand that these steps are necessary to ensure the safety of the children. 

I.  Can I correspond with my sponsored child?
We encourage you to build a relationship with your sponsored child.  You may send letters or cards to your child as often as you wish.  We encourage you to write at least once a month.  A hand written letter is more personal; however, we will accept e-mailed letters, which will then be printed and given to the respective owner. The more you write the child you sponsor, the more she will reap the benefits of your relationship. 

J.  What should I write about?
KOC suggests you share a bit about your life, family, where you live, your culture, and what you do.  Please personalize your letter.  That makes it meaningful.  Also ask your child about his or her life. 

We ask you to be sincere and realistic in language and manner in which you write consistent with the values and Norms not forgetting that these are children and more especially Girls.

K. What should I avoid writing about?
Please refrain from writing about your material possessions, or anything else which may stress the difference between you and your sponsored child.  Another topic to avoid is Pornography and politics. Also, do not include any personal contact information such as phone numbers, e-mail or mailing addresses.  This is to protect your privacy as well as to avoid direct appeals for financial aid from your child.

L.  Can I send packages to my sponsored child?
We understand you may want to send packages to your sponsored child; however, KOC only accepts registered packages that may include clothes or other things that may be shared. Slow delivery, the possibilities of loss, theft or damage are some of the risks associated with sending unregistered packages.

Place your letter in an unsealed regular sized envelope with the full name of the child along with the child’s ID number.  Do not include your return address; just include your name and sponsor ID number on the envelope.  We ask that it is unsealed because we monitor letters for content.  Mail this envelope in a larger one to the KOC Secretariat noted above.