The organization recruits both national and international volunteers on both short and medium term placements. Volunteers are vital to share and exchange knowledge and development ideas on a wide range of development issues.
 The volunteers we take on must have interest or knowledge in any of the organization’s thematic activities so as he/she utilizes the time allocated with maximum productivity. International volunteers are requested to pay placement fees of 350 dollars for short placement (1 day to 2 months) and 600 dollars for medium placement (2 months to 6 months).
Please note that the organization works in an environment of children (girls) and we expect volunteers to ensure maximum discipline and respect to the values and norms of the society as regards children’s values and upbringing. Volunteers are oriented to cope up with the new environment and challenges at work and in the communities and we always encourage feedback and close communication between the secretariat and our volunteers.
You will find it enjoying and a great opportunity to experience the communities and the centre as well as an opportunity to visit Uganda’s most exciting tourist sites.

For any queries please you can email us at Kgorphanageug@yahoo.com.

Please fill in this volunteer placement form if you would like to volunteer with us.

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Marital status
Country of origin
Interests e.g. Education, Health,
Community Development,  etc.
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