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I have always really enjoyed to write about finance and so I was really pleased when I was asked to write for this site. It is so good writing about a topic which has an impact on everyone. I know that no one is perfect with money and so I hope that the help that I can provide will help people to learn more and change their ways so that their finances benefit. Being in control of our money can help us to feel much more in control of our lives. It can have such a big impact it is a pleasure to write about it and help others.

Should I do my Banking on the High Street?

There are some banks which still have branches on high streets. There are advantages of using these banks on high street but there are also disadvantages as well. It is a good idea to think about the advantages and disadvantages of each and then you will be able to decide whether banking on the high […]

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How Can I Choose the Best Bank?

There are lots of different banks and building societies available for us to use and it can be confusing for us at times, knowing which of them we will be best off using. It is therefore a good idea to think about how we might pick between them. Then, next time we are looking for […]

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What are the New Rules on Overdrafts?

You may be aware that the rule son charging for overdrafts has now changed in the UK. It is important to make sure that you are up to speed with these new rules. They have been in force for quite a while, but if you have not kept up to speed you need to know […]

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Are Cash Loans Easy to Get?

There are lots of different loans available to lots of us but if we need money quickly then we will be looking for a loan that we will now that we can arrange quickly. There are some different options available for this but the ones that we take will depend on our situation as well […]

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How to Find the Best Payday Loans

Looking for a payday loan may not be an easy task. This is because there are a lot of companies that offer them and it is very likely that there will be a lot that you have not heard of. This means that you may find that you will get rather confused as to how […]

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